The Kid Who Went to the Moon by Walter Levin


The Kid Who Went To The Moon by Walter Levin

That’s one small step for a kid, and one giant leap for kid-kind. James Gibson is 12 years old and only needs $2 million to convince NASA to let him go to the moon. It’s not a regular thing for a kid to get $2 million. But James is no ordinary kid. Follow his adventure…from getting his weekly swirly in the school toilet from the neighborhood bully…all the way into outer space…in this exciting new novel, The Kid Who Went To The Moon.

Walter Levin is 11 years old, a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, a unicyclist, a rock drummer, and ran his first 10K at age 8.  He lives in Orange County California with his family and his two guniea pigs named Butterscotch and Fenway.  This is Walter’s first book.

I read The Kid Who Went to the Moon in about ten minutes (I am an adult and a fast reader) but the story line is very well thought out for an eleven year old and completely modern in its literary references.  Walter definitely has some dreams that make for good stories.  I will be having my kids read this book also.  Very cute and a great keep your eye on your dreams/ never give up kind of story.  Great job Walter. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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