Sifting Through The Chaos

Sifting Through The Chaos – Will We Make It To The Anniversary Party? Two Guesses…


A day in our life includes meds for special needs children, appointments, classes, social stuff, naps, and more.  Today was one of those days.  Trying to work through a med change with our daughter, a med change with our son, having snow tires removed from the vehicles, first communion class, an anniversary party and more.

Sephora’s first communion class was this morning at 10am.  However, as soon as she takes her morning meds she needs to take a nap – truly cannot keep her head up for one more minute.  I took her to the class (parent involvement) but the entire time I was trying to keep her awake.  The whole – eyes rolling into the back of her head deal.  On top of that I have been quite sick all week and probably should have been in bed myself.

While she and I were at our commitment, my husband and two sons were running back and forth to the car garage to try to cycle through our vehicles getting the snow tires removed.  Any task like that is overwhelming for Anthony – but he actually did okay with it.

I picked up Anthony from the garage – then he, Sephora and I went home.  Sephora and I laid down for a nap to prepare for the late afternoon anniversary party.  It went downhill from there…

While getting ready for the party I realize the freezer is leaking and everything has thawed out.  Empty the full contents into the dumpster while my husband is trying to get in the shower.  This is the third time we have lost a freezer in six months.  The last two times, the kids turned the temperature down – because they could.  This time though it is clear we need a new fridge.  Not too happy about that but no time to dwell on it!

Anthony doesn’t want to go to the party so he refuses to get dressed.  I finally get him to get dressed but he pops a button off his pants.  Of course he freaks and has to wear those pants so I stop unloading the freezer to work on his pants.  I tell him he can’t wear just a t-shirt – to get one of his button up shirts to wear over it.  He proceeds to put his coat over his t-shirt, then his button up shirt over his coat.  Let’s start again… The entire time he is arguing and arguing, not at all willing to go.

Because we are all sick, Anthony is giving me a tough time, the freezer is broken, Bob wouldn’t wake up – we are quite late.

Then as Anthony, Sephora and I are waiting in the car we find out my father in law was just brought to the ER by my brother in law.  My mother in law is still home sick – but too sick to be alone.  We all live in the same house – talk about miscommunication…  We unload the car and decide this just isn’t working – we aren’t going to the party.  Well, then Anthony escalates fully while Bill is trying to leave to go to the hospital with his father.  He didn’t want to go to the party but once in the car, he definitely didn’t want to stay home.  We can’t win.

Bill finally goes to the hospital and Sephora says she doesn’t feel right – I got a bucket in front of her just in time.  Yup – now in addition to this cold virus that is wreaking havoc on this house full of people we are now moving on to the stomach bug.

I now sit here waiting for Anthony to calm down, Bill to get back to me about his father’s diagnosis, and waiting for Sephora to stop vomiting enough to fall asleep in peace.

Just another day…. Tomorrow will be a  day where I will be fridge/freezer shopping, toilet kit shopping, resume trying to figure out just what that smell is in my daughter’s room and a whole host of other stuff.

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