A Chaotic Morning – How In The World Did I Even Make It To Work?



Well today was definitely one of those “sifting through the chaos” types of days.


The day started like any other day – two kids that just don’t want to get up and get moving in the morning.  Now you know during the week we cannot get them out of bed but on the weekends – we cannot keep them in bed.  Someday I may actually get some sleep…


Then I realize that if I let Anthony take the bus to school, I will be late for work because of some errands I needed to run before work.  Yes, I have to squeeze them in whenever I can.  I offer to take the kids to McDonalds for breakfast and Anthony freaks that he can’t go to McDonalds because his friends will be upset that they didn’t have that opportunity (his food is gone before he gets to school).  Sephora starts crying because she is already eating breakfast and now she will be too full to eat.  Ugh…  Yes I do end up taking them to McDonalds.


Then I am looking for clothes to wear to work and some of my clothing is missing.  Who knows where it is – turns out Anthony did end up having the clothing.  Who knows what for.


Then I am finally able to head out to work – I decide to fill a bottle with iced tea so I don’t end up eating from McDonalds – I get out to the car, the cap falls off the bottle and half the bottle spills right into my wide open purse.  I grab my coat and soak up some of it.  But now it is freezing and I don’t have a coat, my purse and all its contents are wet, I am late, and no one is happy.


Yes, the day did get better from there but wow – the morning was tough.

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