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Zike Z150 – Combine a Scooter, Bike and Stepper And What Do You Have? ZIKE

Have you heard of the Zike?  The Zike is like a stepper and a kids scooter.  It is a really cool product that has so many benefits.  There are quite a few Zike models and at the moment and there will be even more in the future. 

The Zike encourages improved posture, it is easier on the joints than running, improves balance and coordination, it is an excellent cardio workout, and you can burn alot of calories.  The Zike can burn up to 600 calories in an hour!  That is a huge workout.

At the moment a Zike must be purchased online at or Amazon but it will be available from other retailers at some point.  We have the pleasure of reviewing a Z150 – we were looking for one that would be appropriate for our 9 year old as well as our 13 year old.  The Z150 is rated for children aged 8 and up.  This model can support persons up to 160 pounds.  It is available in White or Silver – as you can see we have the white model.

This is how the Zike is shipped/received:


The box is about the size of a bike box.  I received this within three days of requesting.  Shipping was so incredibly quick. 

It seemed a little intimidating when I removed it from the box but really that was just because it is entirely different from a bicycle.  Once I removed the cardboard it was clear that the only thing I needed to do was put the handlebars in – and those are quick release; and add the pedals – which only require an alan wrench and they provide it.  Oh and of extreme importance – we needed to add air to the tires.  At first I couldn’t get it to work so I contacted support.  They were very responsive.  Although my issue was not what they suggested, it did lead me to figuring out what the issue was.  It was an easy fix. 

The Zike is a very rugged solid steel frame.  I am quick impressed with its sturdy construction.   The tires are not like a scooter tire – they are air filled tires with aluminum alloy construction and the motion is a patented smooth drive system.  The handlebars have comfortable rubber grip handles and the pedals have textured rubber grips (so the kids don’t slip) and reflectors.  There is a high caliper disc brake system.  The Zike does fold up easily with a patented folding hinge.  The handlebar does change to three different heights. 

As you can see – the kids love it. 


It was an on and off rainy day but that didn’t stop the kids from playing for hours on their new Zike.  And my daughter wears a dress all the time – she was not about to change out of it just to ride this.  But she did have her helmet and knee pads on.  

See it in action – you can definitely see that it is not a sunny day in the videos…



I know you ALL WANT ONE now!  This is truly incredible.  Personally I totally want the Zike Saber and will be saving my pennies to get one!  

To start – you simply stand on the lower pedal and kick off just like you are kicking off on a scooter.  Then hop on and start stepping.  It takes some coordination but only for about 30 seconds.  Then it is smooth sailing/striding.  The kids had to plan for wider turns than a bicycle but I think that is because they just weren’t used to it yet.  They are getting better as they have been using it more.  

It does have a hand brake for stopping.  You do not need to jump off or step on anything – you simply apply a little pressure to the hand brake and you are good to stop.  

This is a great piece of equipment.  I hesitate to call it a toy since it goes way beyond what a toy can do – it is such a phenomenal and fun tool for exercise.  

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  • Sandy

    I want one of these for myself the children make it look like so much fun!
    What a way to get some good exercise in without thinking about it.

  • Eric Hutchinson

    You said that you couldn’t get it to work at first. What was the issue & how did you resolve it? Got my daughter one & we can not get the pedals to work. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Athena

      I honestly don’t remember because my husband did it but I think he just loosened up the chain a little. There aren’t many things to adjust – there is the brake and then I think there is one more spot by the chain. I don’t have it here because we left it at the campground for the winter.

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