Hide-N-Slide Playhouse, Buzzing Into Summer Giveaway

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  1. April Chasteen says:

    I learned that children need and deserve love and support from both parents. This definitely needs worked on by parents who are separated also.

  2. sherrie says:

    love the one about the 3 tips to be more consistent when disciplining your kids. I swear buy these tips. I have a special need son, who you have to pick your battles with. He likes to have the negative attention so we try and ignore the things like cursing and just stick to the actions of throwing and all of the major issues.

  3. jenn huey says:

    Both my girls are pregnant and single, they have decided to coparent. There is a great article on co-parenting that I bookmarked for my girls

  4. Paula Adams says:

    Mommy Mentor provides information on monitoring our children’s activity on social media!

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