Corinthian Bells 50 inch WindChime Giveaway

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14 Responses

  1. MJ says:

    The sound of the Corintihian Bells is absolutely beautiful. For The Girls Windchimes are also beautiful and being a survivor they have a special meaning to me. Hard choice. Love Windchimes so I will probably invest in more than one. Thank you for bringing this site to my attention.

  2. Penni says:

    Corinthian Bells 44′ Windchimes

  3. i love the corinthian bells wind chimes the most in copper blast. i had two sets of large wind chimes that were damaged badly by 78 mile an hour winds so looking around for new ones & these are beautiful, thanks so much for the chance to win these.

  4. barbara corbitt says:

    i love the Corinthian Bells® 53-inch Windchime. my daughter an only child bought me one simiiar to this one. i have several serious health issues, one of which was a near fatal brain anurysm. my daughter lived several hours away and she quit her dream job and moved in to take care of me. tragically, just four days after she moved in, she died in my arms from blood clot to her lung.. the pain and devastation are at times unbearable. she was not only my daughter buy also my best friend. i miss her so very much. while i was at the funeral home making arrangements, somebody stole my precious wind chime. it was the last gift she bought for me. i receive less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability, so there is no way i can afford to buy another one. i am having a hard time trying to put back a little money each month to buy her a head stone.. thank you so much for a very generous giveaway.

  5. Bonnie Caselman says:

    I love the Corinthian Bells® 78-inch Wind Chime.

  6. Corinthian Bells® 44-inch Windchime for my choice. 🙂

  7. Paula Ball says:

    my hammock needs those 78 in. Corinthian chimes to make it the ultimate resting spot.

  8. JoVon says:

    I like the Corinthian Bells® 50-inch Windchime in Ruby Splash

  9. Sky Evans says:

    I like the Corinthian Bells® 78-inch Wind Chime.

  10. I like the Corinthian Bells 50 inch.

  11. Kathy Lausche says:

    I really like the Corinthian Bells® 78-inch Wind Chimes!
    They are so big and so cool!

  12. Sharon says:

    Shenandoah Melodies® 60-inch Windchime; I love the tone they have!!! Beautiful. 🙂

  13. April Farley says:

    Congrats Julie W! Those are some lovely wind chimes!

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