Book Review – The Psychology Behind Fitness Motivation by @DrKimChronister

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2 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    I started my health and exercise regime when my daughter started pre-school about 13/14 years ago and I have never strayed back. Once I got the rush from exercising I craved that feeling. There is no better feeling than to be head to toe in sweat from getting your heart rate up, the healthy eating comes after because you don’t want to compromise your exercise routine with feeling weighted down from food. I am a runner, spin instructor, yoga/pilates fanatic, kickboxing and anything else I come upon. I will try anything once and constantly change what I do to stave off the boredom of “routine”. Not changing your routine is the reason some stop exercising all together. I don’t diet, I just watch what I eat and only eat the bad stuff occasionally. My kids have seen me eat right and exercise pretty much their whole lives and I know it has made an impact on them, I don’t worry about their health in the future. I will read the book simply because I am always looking for tips and tools to keep me on my path to being healthy. Thank you for reviewing.

  2. Jennifer Shelton says:

    This is something I could read! I bet it is very interesting!

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