21 Bundles Subscription Box Giveaway

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4 Responses

  1. Penni says:

    The boxes on the 21 Bundles website are not visible to anyone but subscribers! I don’t like the fact that I would have to sign up for the service before I could see an example of the boxes they provide.

  2. Tamra Phelps says:

    I ould let my cousin choose (she’s due soon), but I suspect she would choose a bundle for a newborn.

  3. April Farley says:

    I would like to tell you which box I would like but they wont let me see. I suppose any box would be great! Because it is organic natural products.

  4. Lauryn R says:

    Well my baby girl is just a few days shy of 2 weeks, so I guess I would probably choose the one month (newborn) box. The whole point of this subscription box is to receive a surprise box of organic maternity/baby products specifically tailored to you and your baby.

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