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Make Your Own Book Of Your Art Like Mostafa Keyhani – With Blurb

Impressions of Keyhani
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Mostafa Keyhani is an extraordinary painter. Drawing from the Impressionist tradition, his work is alive with color and texture as he uses thin washes, areas of bare canvas, and thick impasto to impart an expression of organic life. While his paintings fetch high prices in galleries across the United States and Canada, his self-published books give each of his fans a chance to own his art. Keyhani is a Canadian resident born in Iran, and has had a journey as fantastic as his art. In this video, Blurb captures a glimpse at Keyhani’s remarkable creative process. Perhaps it will inspire you to make your own book with Blurb.

I would make a book of my children’s artwork through the years.  What a great way to keep all those memories!

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