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Easy As Can Be Ice Cream Cake

Easy as can be ice cream cake

My daughter loves to make desserts and here is an easy one.  We found a version of it on Pinterest but this is slightly different.

We used ice cream sandwiches, cool whip, chocolate syrup and Chocolate Chip Teddy Grahams

Simply lay down a layer of ice cream sandwiches.  Cut up partial sandwiches to fill any gaps.

Then a layer of whip cream and chocolate syrup.  I like lots of whip cream so we use a large tub of whip cream.

Follow the same steps again – a layer of ice cream sandwiches, cool whip and chocolate syrup.


ice cream cake

Now – I eat it like this (the featured image up top) but my daughter eats it with a bunch of Chocolate Chip Teddy Grahams scattered all over the top.  What kid wouldn’t love that!  Oh and by the way – after you put it all together – place clear wrap over it and place in the freezer for a couple hours before eating.  We don’t place the grahams on it until we are ready to serve it.  You could also sprinkle other candies over the top – pretty much anything you want.

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