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A trip to the White Mountains of NH wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Story Land. Story Land is a children’s theme park that has entertained thousands of families with young children for 60 years! New generations of children, their parents, and grandparents visit year after year to share past memories and create new ones in the Land Where Fairy Tales Come to Life! Twenty one uniquely themed rides, exciting live shows, interactive play areas, storybook characters, and all your favorite nursery rhyme animals set on 35 beautifully maintained and landscaped acres. .

The scenery is phenomenal on the way to Story land – make sure you take it all in on your way there!


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Story Land is one of the premier family attractions in New England. It is a children’s theme park geared for families with children generally from ages two through twelve.  I can tell you that even as an adult I have had a great time.  There is something for everyone and it is very easy to spend the full day and still feel like you haven’t experienced everything it has to offer. 


Just in time for summer 2014 – Story Land celebrates its 60th Anniversary with the addition of “Roar-O-Saurus,” a one of a kind wooden roller coaster! Designed specifically for Story Land’s natural terrain, Roar-O-Saurus is the only wooden roller coaster in northern New Hampshire. Joining Story Land’s popular Polar Coaster, the new coaster is the major component of Story Land’s new Dinosaur themed section of the park.

Roar-O-Saurus will provide children of all ages the experience and memory of riding their first ‘big’ coaster! The colorful train of 12 passengers is led by Story Land’s newest family member, “Rory” the little Dino with the big roar! The coaster has a lift height of 40 feet (providing a spectacular view of the surrounding area), sends riders soaring down a first drop of 39 feet, features 1,250 feet of track length and provides riders with 12 unique airtime moments.

Roar-O-Saurus will expand Story Land’s demographic slightly and add to the family memories created in the Land Where fantasy Lives!

For the safety of all riders, children must be 42” tall to ride “Roar-O-Saurus.”

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Families are exactly who they had in mind when the park decided to expand its quality dining options this summer to include a new line of Organic Selects. Story Land is host to thousands of parents with young children every summer and the park feels it’s important to provide dining options that include wholesome alternatives such as organic chicken tenders, hamburgers, and salads made with premium quality ingredients. The park will also begin offering more nutritious snack items in addition to classic theme park treats. This summer guests will see organic granola bars, yogurt, and apple juice, all made with natural ingredients, offered as sides to kid’s meals and as al a carte items.

Story Land is dedicated to providing the highest level quality throughout the park. The new Organics Selects menu items all have USDA Organic Certification.


Photos Courtesy of Story Land

Story Land is dedicated to providing the highest level quality throughout the park. The new Organics Selects menu items all have USDA Organic Certification.


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  • md Kennedy

    I so loved StoryLand when I was a kid, and my mother still takes my nieces and nephews. Great to see they have organic food options!

  • Debbie Welchert

    Storyland sounds really cute and a lot of fun. I think my younger grandchildren would love it. The older ones would be a little bored.

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