Essential Newborn Gift Set Giveaway

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  1. April Farley says:

    Hi there everyone ! I learned that they use Calendula oil in several of their products. I grow Calendula in our garden every year and dry it to steep in Coconut oil along with a few other herbs & flowers to help keep skin soft & smooth. I love Calendula ! It looks like a marigold on steroids while its growing .

  2. facebook_cheryl.rahkonen says:

    I love that these products are made for babies and children with sensitive skin. I would love to have the Lice Prevention Kit. My grandchildren have not had lice YET but the threat of it is always there. These products would be excellent to use before they get head lice.

  3. Ashley Redford says:

    What a neat little gift set!

  4. Tamra Phelps says:

    Their products are made on an organic farm. That is appealing!

  5. sarah ann dela cruz says:

    would love to win this for my friends baby shower!

  6. sarah ann dela cruz says:

    The products are all natural and created on a farm! how neat is that?!

  7. Julie Simpson says:

    I like the natural element to this line for my upcoming new grandson.

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