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How Can We Not Love Maine!

We spent an entire afternoon – walking mile after mile of beach and we were the only ones there.  We climbed cliffs – and we were the only ones there.  We walked streets – and we were the only ones there.  This is a regular occurrence.  It is very difficult to come back to the real world after this much real beauty.  If you follow my blog – you know this is a regular occurrence.  Today the sea was a little rougher than usual.  Large waves, high winds and a little bit scary at times even.


fb 12Carrying their backpacks so they don’t have to leave behind any treasures – rocks, shells, coins, driftwood etc…


fb 11Miles of coastline for just us – felt like we were on a deserted island


fb 10The surf was loud and crashing today!


fb 9Such a gorgeous day – and look how high up we are!


fb 8Climbed down the cliffs to get back to some water – and during storms all kinds of treasures wash up on shore


fb 7It was extremely windy on top of the cliffs and at times – a little terrifying, especially with children


fb 6See how rough the waters are?


fb 5More crashing surf


fb 4Still walking… We walked miles of sand, cliffs, dirt roads and pavement


fb 3The power of the ocean


fb 2Yup the waves are still angry


fb 1Finishing our excursion and now we need to walk miles back to the car.

Sephora and Anthony are holding hands helping each other finish our daylong hike.  They were real troopers!


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