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The BEST Tip Ever for Reusing Crystal Light Containers

Crystal Light Containers

I hate throwing out containers and these cute little Crystal Light containers are no different.  Sure I could use them as pencil boxes, gift boxes, hair elastic storage and more.  But you have all probably seen those options before.  But this is the latest storage solution and these containers are so perfect for this job – you would swear they were made specifically for this.


All those little pesky fast food restaurant sauce containers?  You know the ones that you don’t want to throw out because they are convenient to have but they are not convenient to store.  If you just throw them in the fridge – they eventually get squished by something and make a terrible mess in the fridge.  Storing them in a bowl takes up a bit of space – more than I am willing to give up.  The solution is to store them in a Crystal Light container.  They fit perfectly, store vertically so there is minimal space required and you can even see which containers have which sauces.  Perfect.  And if you need to travel with several sauces for a picnic – nothing bursts open, they remain in perfect condition until it is time to eat.


So make sure you save all those containers!


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