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Use This Not That – Racerback Clip Edition

If you don’t have a product – yet need one – Do you find a way to improvise?  Do you live without?  Or do you run out and purchase it?

I find a way to improvise and if I can’t think of something – my daughter certainly can.  She has quite the imagination. 

In this case, I get to take the credit though. 

Little girl tank top undershirts no longer fit my daughter.  Adult tank tops are simply too large for her.  So I purchased some junior size tank tops.  They have adjustable straps and I was hoping that would work out just fine.  However, even when the straps are as tight as they can go, the front simply hangs too low.  Not only am I not comfortable with that but neither is she. 

The solution would be some of these racerback clips:

But of course we didn’t have any of those.  So how did we solve the problem? 

Do you have one of these kits around the house?  Well they come with tiny elastic bands and “S” shaped clips.  Just what we needed.  Check it out in action…


She was perfectly comfortable all day and everyone was happy!

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