Book Review – The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash


Julie and Brad Evans are house flippers. They buy low, clean out the old occupants junk, and try to make a profit. Enter Hemmings House on Bedlam Street in scenic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Too good a deal to pass up, but with an ominous secret. The old Victorian Mansion has dwellers that do not want to be dispossessed. As the house reveals it’s past, will the couples marriage survive The Flip?


Born and raised on Long Island, Michael Phillip Cash has always had a fascination with horror writing and found footage films. He wanted to incorporate both with his debut novel, Brood X. Earning a degree in English and an MBA, he has worked various jobs before settling into being a full-time author. He currently resides on Long Island with his wife and children.


I have never been interested in flipping houses but when I was growing up, my mom definitely was.  It was precisely that reason that makes me want really nothing to do with it.  I am surprised marriages survive it at all – under the best of circumstances.  But what about when the couple can’t agree on what exactly to do with the “flip”; or what about finding out there are supernatural dwellers in the home?  Or what happens when one partner believes there is something supernatural and the other doesn’t quite believe it?  There is so much going on in this story and so much to keep your interest throughout.  Michael Phillip Cash has been one of my favorite authors and remains just that with his latest “The Flip” – Thank You.


I received a copy of The Flip in exchange for an honest review.

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