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Cathedral Ledge in North Conway New Hampshire

Definitely feeling like we are on top of the world…  Cathedral Ledge is a great place to just be at one with nature.  There is a small section that has a fence to keep people from falling.  However, the majority of the cliff/ledge is just exposed to the world.  And the edges aren’t clear cut – they kind of just slope smoothly down to the world below.  There is no clear edge to stand on and dangle your legs over.  The ledge was wet with rain and very slippery.  We definitely weren’t going too close to the edge…


Plus as we drove back down the bottom of the cliff we pulled over so the kids and I could go check out the woods.  Actually Bob got out too but he was gone before I saw where he went.  So the kids and I took a different route.  My phone was dead.  The trail wasn’t too bad to follow when we went out – but as soon as we turned around to come back – no trail!  Everything looks entirely different from the opposite direction.  I had visions of helicopters and rescue crews… After about 20 minutes we found our way out much farther down the hill.  But we were not sure if we need to go up or down?!
Never a dull moment.


photo 3(73)





















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  • Tenley Erickson

    Beautiful photos! Looks like a fun trip:) I would be nervous about those slippery edges too! I will just look from a few feet back:)

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