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Creativia publishes a variety of genres, mostly speculative fiction (fantasy, scifi, horror) but also romance, some LGBT books and nonfiction. There’s something for every taste!


Creativia has so many great books and authors to choose from.  I have found over the last few years that some of the best books I have read have been from independent authors.  Sort of the hidden jewels of literature.


I was given the opportunity to review any book from Creativia – so I chose The Guardian Chronicles by Craig Gaydas.



Hades is coming to Earth, and the Olympians will not be enough to stop him this time.

Gabriel Crane has spent thirty plus years drifting from job to job, taking a stoic approach to life. He has settled on a private investigation career, but he still finds time in the day to complain about it. Now the United States economy has crashed, which directly impacts his fraud investigation business. He is about to make a decision that will change his life forever.

He decides to go for a beer.

A beer doesn’t normally change a person’s life in any drastic fashion, but after Gabriel leaves the bar where he decided to drown his sorrows, his life changes. Someone tries to kill him.

The assassination attempt sets off a chain of events that thrusts Gabriel into the middle of a mythological battle between the forces of the underworld and the legendary beings of Olympus. Gabriel discovers he is the last hope for mankind, but does he really want the job?

While Gabriel struggles with his true identity, a new civil war is about to unfold in the United States. The forces of evil are hard at work, tearing away at the very fabric of the country. He soon becomes entangled in a battle which will take him from Virginia to Texas and all the way to a mythical island in the Pacific, which shouldn’t even exist.
Who are you gonna call? The Guardian.

Hades has manipulated mankind before in his efforts to spread his influence on Earth. The Guardian has defeated manipulated humans in the past, from Genghis Khan to Adolf Hitler. Fast forward to 2012, where Hades plans on destroying the United States from within. It is time for Gabriel to put on his big boy pants.
Who is the Guardian?

The Guardian is an immortal being tasked with protecting the planet Earth. He is Gaea’s last line of defense. In order to protect his identity he is allowed to live, die and be reborn over and over again as a normal human. He lives among them, unaware of what he truly is.

From private investigator to savior of the world? No way!

It’s everyone’s dream. To rise above mediocrity to become a superhero. Well, unfortunately, you won’t find that here. What you will find is a guy struggling with self-doubt, beaten, dejected, and almost killed. Practically broken in spirit. It takes the assistance of Zeus and his merry band of demigods to assist Gabriel with rising above the ashes and become what he was born to be.

Readers’ Views Choice Award – Honorable mention 2014
Author’s excerpt from The Guardian Chronicles:
“Abaddon smiled and nodded, but didn’t take his eyes off Gabriel as he inched closer to the desk. Daedalus’ words echoed in his ears; have to make it look like a suicide. Gabriel was about eight feet away from the desk and the gun felt like it weighed a hundred pounds as he inched closer…six feet….five…four.

Gabriel clenched the gun in his hand. The time to end this was at hand, he needed to capitalize on his advantage.
“Is God one of mankind’s greatest blunders or is mankind one of God’s greatest blunders?” Gabriel narrowed his eyes.
Abaddon’s expression changed to confusion. “Excuse me?”

“Do you feel that God made a mistake when he created man, or do you think man made a mistake in creating God?”
“Listen son, I’m very busy and I don’t have time to discuss-,” Abaddon never got a chance to finish his sentence.


Craig Gaydas has dabbled among many professions. He was everything from a private investigator/security professional to a supply chain professional with a Fortune 500 company. He has always used his creativity in different ways from tabletop gaming, to online gaming, to writing fan fiction. He only recently started writing novels, starting with this debut fantasy adventure- The Guardian Chronicles.


I loved the Guardian Chronicles.  The mix between Greek Mythology and the “real” world was very intriguing and created a storyline that was very difficult for me to walk away from.  Gabriel was a “mild mannered” private investigator and then his world was turned upside down because he was destined for something different.  Not a choice – simply his destiny.  That is a very hard pill to swallow.  I will be reading more by Craig Gaydas.  I do think the book could use some editing of grammar and tense but that did not detract from the story in any way for me – it made it more realistic since people do not always speak with proper grammar.  Great story.


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