Meet Your Online Storage Needs With #Memopal

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Memopal for PayPerPost. All opinions are 100% mine.

Memopal is an online backup service which allows users to save their personal or work files online. These files are stored on secure remote servers. What makes Memopal unique? lt allows users to save and access their files from multiple devices such as: computer, tablet, smart phone and tablet (ios, android and blackberry are currently supported).

As a blogger I have so many reasons to use an online backup service like MemoPal. I do not blog from one spot on one device. I blog from anywhere on any device – literally. I have blogged on cliffs, beaches, camping, hiking, in my living room and more. I can only do that with this type of flexibility.

And guess what? You can create a free account and get up to 3GB of storage totally free. Although I am totally thrilled about this product as a blogger – I can also tell you that in my “day job” I love it too. I can bring my work home quite easily by just storing it through MemoPal and accessing it from home or wherever I end up. I also love that I can recover something that I may accidentally delete. Which sadly, has happened to me way more than once.

What is the best part? (Besides FREE of course) I take hundreds of photos every single week and trying to manage that storage can be overwhelming. Leaving this to MemoPal is totally fine with me!

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