Dollar Store Obstacle Course – Tons of Fun!

This is an update of a previously published post.

My kids are totally addicted to WipeOut, American Ninja Warrior and American Gladiators. They love the obstacle course type shows.  Their latest plea was for me to make them an obstacle course. Naturally they had the most grandiose ideas possible but they were nonetheless quite pleased with the alternative that I designed. This isn’t the end result but this is our starting point. I have many other ideas to “add in” using only things we have on hand. I didn’t want to do all the ideas at once – let them have some variations when they become bored.

Everything from this obstacle course was at the dollar store. I spent eighteen bucks on this version of the course. But I have other items stowed away for future courses. This course includes pool noodles (as is, cut lengthwise in half, multiple taped together shapes etc…), 6 plastic planting pots, and some foam flower shapes.

pool noodle obstacle course collage

This kept them very busy for a long time – Anthony needed (and let’s face it – wanted) to perform the course barefoot. His feet with shoes on were too large for the run through circles. Sephora could easily navigate her way through them with shoes on. If larger kids were to frequent the course I would cut a noodle in thirds, add each section to one full noodle, then make into a circle. Make them just a little larger.


Since we first made this obstacle course we have set it up so many times, added obstacles, made some larger etc… In total I have probably spent $30 at the dollar store on at least three years of obstacles and fun.  I don’t think I can beat that just about anywhere.  And in one version we also added in a slip and slide – so they were wet, muddy and slippery trying to navigate their way through.

Makes me wish I was a kid again.


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