Water Free Slip and Slide – Amazing Fun!

Water Free Slip and Slide


What can you do with a hill, a large sheet of plastic and baby oil?

CREATE A LARGE SLIP AND SLIDE!  No water needed and you can do this at any time of year.

Spread out your plastic on a hill – if rectangular, the length should go down the hill. It should be a large piece of plastic.  You can purchase some in the paint section of any hardware store or Walmart.  The thicker the better – and although messy you can easily re-use it.

Then pour/spray baby oil all over that plastic. Our sheet was 10×25 and we used six bottles of baby oil. You can easily get these bottles at your local dollar store.  We probably could have gotten away with four bottles but as you see the kids were fully clothed (in what they consider “junk” clothes) and the clothes soaked up so much of the baby oil. If they were in bathing suits it would have worked much better with fewer bottles. We also had them wear helmets just because they tend to try extreme things – better safe than sorry.  And boy did they zoom down this hill – and it is a relatively small hill.

We have a water slip and slide for the summer but this works so much better.  They played with this for hours!


5 thoughts on “Water Free Slip and Slide – Amazing Fun!

  1. Tara L says:

    Oh my that looks super fun it would be even cooler if there was a little pond or lake and could go slide right into the lake haha..

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