Book Review – Adventures in Raceland RodKingZ by AJ Loft @bostickops

adventures in raceland


About the Author AJ married into a family with two young boys and didn’t like what the market offered them for entertainment. He didn’t want them exposed to all the sex, drugs and violence in kids’ media today. Thus, RodKingz Entertainment was born. Today, you can play the dice games, the trading card game, or the board game, and the video game will be out soon. You can also read the book thanks to Xlibris Publishing. This is the first novel from the Southern California entrepreneur, but there are 13 more planned. The next one is called ‘Hot Rod Hijinks’ and will be out around Christmas. Please spread the word and help give kids an alternative that promotes interpersonal interaction and family values.


Adventures in Raceland RodKingZ is such a great book.  My teenage son and I both read it.  It takes the world of teenage racing to a whole new level.  The story reminded me of Speedracer meets Alice in Wonderland meets Wreck It Ralph.  It starts with a high school and a door of mystery that opens to an entirely different world of teenage racing.  But be careful or you could get “stuck” in this alternate world.  The story is full of emotion with several great characters.  But it is more than a book – there are followup tasks and games on their website to keep the story alive.   I found this story quite interesting and entertaining and really enjoyed reading it with my son – we don’t often agree on a particular book to read.  There are even online arcade games!


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