Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest – Allows Your Child To Sleep In Comfort

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We spend a great deal of time in the car, especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  My 9 year old daughter always falls asleep in the car – it never fails.  However, we get very frustrated when she tips over and looks like her neck is going to break.  Naturally she wakes up sore and sometimes even cries.  We have tried pillows to prop her up and so many other contraptions.


Then along came the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest.  The Booster Seat Headrest is a revolutionary new device from Cardiff Products that provides support and comfort for a child asleep in a moving vehicle. By attaching to your vehicle’s existing headrest with a simple, universal mount, the Booster Seat Headrest provides lateral support to keep a child’s head and body upright; comfortably aligned in the seat as they sleep. It is a thoughtfully designed, intelligent and simple solution to a problem that, until now has been a pain in the neck for kids and parents everywhere.


When she is not using it there are push buttons on the side that even a child can use.  Push the button and flip the lateral supports up and back, out of the way until you are ready to use them again.


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Now she can easily spend the 3-6 hours per trip in the car – either awake or asleep but either way – happy.  The unit comes in three pieces and easily snaps together.  I did have some technical difficulties with my first unit but the company was quick to assist and resolve it – in the end shipping me another unit.  So not only am I thrilled with the product but also with the customer service and how helpful they were – truly wishing for their customers to have the best shopping experience possible.


You can purchase the unit for $49.99 on their website.


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