Halo Top Creamery – Delicious Low Calorie Ice Cream @HaloTopCreamery

halo top ice cream

Halo Top Creamery Ice Cream is the best treat imaginable.  This ice cream is phenomenal.  It tastes awesome and is available in so many great flavors.  It is rich in protein, low in sugar, low calorie, all natural and non-GMO.  They use organic stevia to replace most of the sugar that would be in regular ice cream.  A full pint is only 8 Weight Watchers points!  I don’t know of any other ice cream that has that low of a points value.  Flavors available are Vanilla Bean (my personal favorite), chocolate, strawberry and lemon cake.  To see a comparison of Halo Top Ice Cream to other brands of ice cream – check here.


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