Another Back To School Day

Like so many others, I have two children heading back to school today.  There are so many changes this year and I am far less ready than my kids are.


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Sephora has a great opportunity this year.  Her second grade teacher was the perfect match for her.  I never thought we would have that luxury again because there have been a couple years where her disability was just not able to be managed by the teacher.  But this year – another perfect match.  I swear the school hired her just so Sephora could be in a “good” place this year.


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Anthony has a huge year.  He is changing schools and will actually be only a couple blocks from home at a school that can better meet his special needs.  When I tried to set up transportation the bus department said they don’t do special transportation to this school – just regular transportation which means he would have to walk to a stop and wait .  Well that wasn’t going to happen.  I didn’t care about him walking to the stop but standing there and waiting was not going to happen.  He would get distracted, talk to strangers, get picked on by other kids – nope not happening.


I called the school to remind them he gets special trans and they said they would take care of it and someone would get back to me.  But no one did.  So last night I got him a cell phone and walked with him a few different ways to school and he will begin walking to school today on his own.  This morning he was so excited.  I told him he needs to call me when he gets there every day.  Now you know he definitely didn’t call me this morning – yup he gets distracted.  But I called him and he arrived safely.  And just as he was getting ready to walk out the door, the special transportation bus did show up – so it was taken care of but no one called me so I couldn’t rely on that.


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At some point he does need to be responsible and he will not live his life in a bubble but this is giving everyone a stroke – even though he is happy as happy can be.  Keeping our fingers and toes crossed.

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