Time to replace our very old playset

I have been putting this off for several years now but my kids need a new playset. We have kids from 9 through 27 so our current playset has lasted a very long time. However, the youngest two children still use what we have – we need a new one. The current set is so “time abused” that 5 years ago we actually removed half of the set due to it seeing better days and all we have left now is the fort section. But even that really needs to come down now.  To do so, we need to come up with a replacement plan since they were so absolutely devastated when we removed half before – imagine their reaction when we take down the rest!  We have been looking at Playsets in Chesapeake and love some of the options in their gallery.  Definitely keeping it in mind!

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One thought on “Time to replace our very old playset

  1. Amy D says:

    It is super hard for us to part with things my daughters loved to play with. They have outgrown a lot of toys that are still sitting in our livingroom.

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