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I was recently given the opportunity to review Kangoo Jumps Rebounding Shoes!  They are rebounding shoes that are just amazing.  I found them while searching for some exercise classes online.  Did you know they actually have aerobic rebounding classes?  I haven’t seen any in my area but that doesn’t mean I can’t create my own class.  Check out some of the Kangoo Jumps rebounding shoes fitness programs.


These rebounding shoes are incredible.  They don’t rebound with springs like a trampoline – the rebounding is achieved through tension bands that are designed to easily adapt to the weight of each user.  They are even able to be used by teens and preteens.  You can see that below – these are the same rebounding shoes that fit me and my son – yet by daughter is even able to wear them.  We are different shoe sizes and very obviously different weights.


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She is happy as can be that she is able to also use them.  I was dying to try these because I have had so many knee surgeries and running is definitely not an option.  But these eliminate so much of the pressure on my legs so I am absolutely able to use them.  They are definitely an awesome workout.  The first time I used them, just putting them on was a workout.  So a tip – make sure you don’t sit in a regular chair to put them on.  Once we started sitting on the top of the picnic table to put them on – we were golden.  Using them is very much like rebounding on a mini trampoline but you are mobile and not restricted to the center of that tiny circle.



The workout is absolutely incredible.  They take a little getting used to but once you do they are easy as can be.  The first time we put them on we struggled to just stand up.  This is by far the most fun a person can have while also trying to get fit.  You can’t help but have a great time while wearing these shoes.  These shoes reduce the joint stress of normal jogging or running activities by up to 80%.  With my rebuilt legs that is absolutely critical.  My legs are definitely not too sore (other than the normal exercise sore) after use.  I wish I found these while I was rehabbing from my surgeries.  Running/Jogging with these rebounding shoes on is an amazing workout.  They are rather heavy so that adds to the calorie burn – yet they are minimal impact on your joints.  The boots are nice and secure around your feet and ankles so there is no stress on those bones and joints either.


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The rebounding occurs on the tension bands.  The instructions say if they do not rebound enough, you can cut the center tension band but we are not planning on doing that.


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In today’s day and age, I have to really motivate my kids, particularly my 13 year old to get up and out of the house.  The 9 year old is pretty easy – being in the house for her is like being in a time out.  We all agree that our children do not get nearly enough exercise – between academic standards at school resulting in longer school days and less time for physical play; the scarey world we live in so our children can’t just go down the street to play a game of pickup basketball; and naturally the world of electronics….  No child will be able to say no the Kangoo Jumps Rebounding Shoes!


Kangoo Jumps rebounding shoes can be used by people of all ages (my 70 year old mother in law is dying to try them) and of all fitness levels and body types.  They are ideal for jogging, running, walking, power walking, home fitness, weight loss, athletic training and more!  The tension bands are referred to an an IPS (Impact Protection System) and it is a patented system that compresses at each step and returns the energy without damaging the joints.  The result of this is rapid fat loss if you are using these as part of your weight loss efforts.  They balance your core strength and balance, helps to correct body posture, and optimizes cardiovascular health.


If you really want to amp up your workout, save your joints and burn some major calories – get yourself a pair of Kangoo Jump Rebounding Shoes!


We have the KJXR3 but they have other models such as:  KJXR3WE, KJPRO7, KJXR3SE, KJPowerShoe (Juniors)


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7 thoughts on “@KangooJumps Rebounding Shoes! Workouts Can Be Fun and Effective!

  1. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I have never heard of Kangoo Jumps Rebounding Shoes before. It looks like they would be a lot of fun to try. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Michele says:

    Although these seem to be almost perfect–I have no balance-I never even was able to learn to ride a bike! I think I will leave these to those who really like to exercise and have at least some balance!

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