Outdoor Technology’s Privates Wireless Headphones

Privates wireless headphones

I seriously love these headphones by Outdoor Technology.  They are called Privates Wireless Headphones.  Their tagline is exactly the type of play on words my husband would come up with – “Touch your Privates in public.”  Seriously – that is their tagline.  I crack up inside every time I think about it.  So if that is not enough to grab your interest and have you check these out…




The Privates Headphones are touch controlled wireless headphones.  I have never owned a pair of wireless headphones and these are awesome.  They have hinges so they can fold up – my old $5 pair definitely can’t do that.  And the headband portion has a canvas wrap.  It is so much more gentle on my long hair and doesn’t pull it in any way.  The right earpiece controls everything with one button (touchpad).  And if I choose not to go wireless or forget to charge the bluetooth, there is a 3.5mm jack included.  The wireless function works through bluetooth so if your device does not have bluetooth that jack will come in quite handy.  Although, I haven’t really pressed to find out just how far the wireless can function effectively – the site does say 32 feet.  I tend to just be working around the house doing dishes, cleaning etc…  Or just plain old ignoring my kids bickering – they are at that age.  And the peace that I can achieve with these headphones is worth its weight in gold.  I can now tune out the bickering while listening to the Outlander Series for the 50th time…


With these wireless headphones I can even answer my phone because it has a built in microphone.



– 40mm drivers for clear mids and solid bass.

– Built-in microphone for making and receiving calls.

– Only ONE button (yes, really). The rest is touch control, pretty cool.

– Bluetooth 3.0.

– Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

– Battery level “fuel gauge” displayed on source device.

– 3.5mm AUX jack.

– Foldable and flexible.

– Play time: 10 hours.

– Real, real comfortable ear pads.

– Package includes: USB to micro-USB charging cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm color-matched cable and signature Outdoor Technology (ODT) carry pouch.


The Privates Wireless Headphones are available in:  Black, Purplish, Mustard, Army Green, Turquoise, Crimson and Gray.


I can’t imagine going back to any other type of headphone after these!  They are totally awesome.  They retail for $99.95 and are well worth every penny.


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