I Didn’t Think I Was a Particularly Smelly Person…


Okay so here is the thing… For the last two weeks my blouses have been a little smelly.  They smelled like they were sour and had sat in the washer too long before being dried.  And no matter how many times I wash them, the smell never dissipated.  In fact I even threw two blouses out because I just could not get that smell out.  Not even with vinegar!


I have two washer machines – one came with the house and one we bought.  The one we bought and use 99% of the time is in the basement.  It is this elaborate washer/dryer front loading system.  This system is great – the machines talk to one another and the washer auto feeds detergent and softener AND I can set how much it feeds.  I have many allergies so I always have it set on “LESS”.    The washer that came with the house is much older, a top loader, with the center agitator and in our living space on the 2nd floor.


I decided enough is enough and finally washed my blouses in the old machine with detergent to eliminate smells.  I washed them three times like that.  All that happened is that they now smelled like a man and I couldn’t deal with that plus that detergent bothered my allergies so badly I couldn’t even wear the clothes.


Last night I washed my blouses again three times in the old washer – with no detergent to now try and get the detergent smell out.  When I went downstairs to put them in the dryer (we only have one dryer though), I also loaded my dog’s bedding into the washer.  She had an accident (happens alot with her Addision’s disease).  No problem – the washer has special sanitizing features and urine features.  However, as I started flipping through the menu it started alerting me that the auto detergent and softener feeder was off…


So there you have it… My clothes have been smelling because for three weeks I have been doing laundry with no detergent or fabric softener.  Now I have a whole lot of laundry to re-wash.


How did this happen?  There are two detergent dispensers.  I can literally fill the detergent bins once per year and it will last me that whole year.  However, when we got the machine the left detergent dispenser clogged up pretty quickly.  We never had it repaired since we still had the right dispenser and it wasn’t that critical.  Recently my kids broke the rubber seal on the washer so while the repairman was fixing that, we had him unclog the left dispenser.  Apparently after he repaired it, he never reprogrammed it.  Since the repair, our clothes have not had detergent/fabric softener.  I am surprised our clothes didn’t reek more than they did!


We are back in business – I reprogrammed it all and we can officially “wash” our clothes…


Just another day…


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