LISTERINE Oral Hygiene Heroic Habits #Sponsored #MC

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


I love LISTERINE® products and so does the rest of my family.  We each have individual preferences and LISTERINE® has products to meet them all.  It is always a struggle to get my kids to brush their teeth.  Okay so maybe not always but maybe 80% of the time.  However, it is such a critical practice for them to take seriously.  One child takes medication that requires extra attention to his teeth and the other has teeth that are so tight together, brushing alone will not protect them.  Now that the kids are back to school it is always easier to get them to comply with routines such as good oral hygiene.  And here comes LISTERINE® …


For Sephora we rely on the LISTERINE® rinses – my husband and I also use the adult version.  The rinse easily gets into those hard to reach, tight spots between my daughter’s teeth.  Her favorite is the LISTERINE® Smart Rinse – Anti-cavity.  And I have to tell you the dentist is always thrilled with that choice too!  She would much rather use this rinse than the prescription toothpaste that is the alternative.


listerine rinses

And for Anthony – he definitely relies more on the flosses/flossers and brushing.  He can handle the taste of toothpaste but really can’t handle the taste of the rinses.  He is autistic and that is not unusual for children on the spectrum.  But it doesn’t matter because LISTERINE® has plenty of products that we can pick and choose what works best for him.  And he is very willing to use the LISTERINE® Flosser with the replacement heads.  He feels special using that versus disposable flossers.


listerine floss

And me?  I love love love the LISTERINE® POCKET PACKS®.  There is nothing worse than heading into a meeting at work and feeling like I have nasty breath.  Or sitting in a huge meeting with people so tightly packed in that our shoulders and knees are touching – definitely don’t want bad breath at that moment.  I keep LISTERINE® POCKET PACKS® with me at all times and they come in some great flavors – COOL MINT®, ARCTIC BERRY, FRESH BURST® and COOL HEAT®.


As a mom I have to help my children by providing them the best tools that work for them and guiding them to make the right decisions.  LISTERINE® is a huge part of that process for their oral care.


You can find some of these great LISTERINE® products at and you can also shop for their great products.


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