Low Back Pain Program eBook Review

low back pain

The Low Back Pain Program eBook is a reference book for those who suffer from chronic lower back pain.  It provides a wealth of exercises designed to strengthen the back muscles and other muscles that work with the back muscles as well as those muscles that are overcompensating from problems in the back or spine.  These exercises can be done at home or anywhere you happen to be.  They are not aerobic or exercises that require any special equipment.  The book contains 45 exercises and photos to show you which muscles groups are affected and the proper way to do the exercise.

My husband has suffered from back issues his entire life.  He had scoliosis as a child and added a spinal burst fracture to that when he was an adult.  He is 6’3” and fixed office equipment.  He spends most of his day hunched over copiers and faxes replacing parts or reading fault codes on the screen.  He has gotten exercises from an orthopedic specialist but they are only to stretch his back, not strengthen, and don’t take into account all the other muscles that need attention.   This book provides a new approach to alleviating lower back pain and it’ obvious that it was written by someone who suffers from it and not someone who has studied it.

The beginning of the book talks about why the author wrote it and the mindset you must be in to truly alleviate the pain.  He explains that the pain will not disappear overnight and while the exercises are not time consuming you must do them regularly and follow the program without giving up after a couple of weeks.  The pain did not occur overnight, no matter what it seems, and it won’t disappear overnight.  The more dedicated you are to the program the better the results will be.

My husband has begun the program.  Many of the exercises are unlike anything he has been told to do in the past.  To someone who doesn’t suffer from back pain (like me), they seem pretty easy.  This is not the case for him.  Watching him do the exercises gives me a better understanding of how even the simplest tasks are difficult with his back issues.  I can’t give a full review of the entire program as it’s only been a few weeks and he has just begun his journey to a life free of constant pain, but it looks like he is on the right track.  The first exercises have become easier for him and he looks forward to trying all the new ones ahead of him.  If you are truly trying to eliminate lower back pain and are willing to put the time in, this program can be just what you need.

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  • Penni

    This sounds like a truly worthwhile program and something that could prove very helpful to back-pain sufferers like me! The detailed instructions and accompanying photos will help me to feel certain that I’m doing the exercises properly.

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