MinigolsUSA – A New Spin On Foosball


MinigolsUSA – A New Spin On Foosball


Have you ever owned a Foosball table?  We used to and it was your basic foosball table – nothing too special.  But MinigolsUSA has foosball tables where teams, players and formations can be changed after each game.  Imagine the round robin weekends that can happen with a setup like this.  The teams are based on real soccer teams – not simply just greens versus reds…



MinigolsUSA has licenses with national soccer teams in order to make this foosball phenomenon possible.

Players-Minigols - Foosball


And what do you do with the foosball players when they are not on the field?  They are not just players.  They are limited edition collector sets that can be put on display for all to see and admire.  Each team pack includes 11 players, each painted in detail with team uniforms, player numbers, hair and facial features that represent the real life players. The team packs include a display stand for the entire team, and a base for each individual player complete with the player’s name. The collectible team packs can be purchased separately.



This amazing foosball table with interchangeable teams, players and formations has been a huge hit in Europe and is just now coming to the United States for the holiday season.




The table is not as large as foosball tables that take up a good portion of a room.  It is the correct height for children.  For adults – the legs come off and the foosball table is placed on a table.  The table is 33.5” x 16.4” and can be stored easily.


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