5-Wits Adventures in Foxboro MA (20,000 Leagues and Espionage)


5-Wits Adventures in Foxboro MA (20,000 Leagues and Espionage)

A 5 Wits adventure is a cutting-edge, live-action entertainment venue that immerses participants in realistic, hands-on adventures, challenging them to prove they have what it takes to battle a giant squid (20,000 Leagues) or save the world (Espionage)!


Espionage and 20,000 Leagues are currently available at Patriot Place in Foxboro, MA! In Espionage, you’ll be trained as spies, infiltrating and taking down an evil corporation determined to stop you at every turn. In 20,000 Leagues you’ll get caught up in the riddle of Captain Nemo’s lost ship when your “tour group” accidentally discovers the Nautilus. A trained cast member accompanies each expedition, but make no mistake, you are the star of the show!


What does 5 Wits mean?

It means the most immersive, exciting entertainment of your life, but that’s probably not what you meant, right? The name actually comes from Shakespearean times. The five wits were said to be Imagination, Estimation, Fantasy, Common Sense, and Memory… all aspects that make an appearance in our adventures. Folks also associated the name with the five senses, which is appropriate, because you’ll use those here too!


There are two adventures at 5-Wits Patriots Place: Espionage and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Check out their YouTube Videos to see the excitement.


We went to 5-Wits in Foxboro today and our reservations were for 3:30 (Espionage) and 5:00 (20,000 Leagues).  We were sure we left home in plenty of time to get there – with time to spare.  But even the best laid plans often go wrong.  There is a soccer game (Revolution) at 7:30pm tonight.  We were sure there would be no stadium traffic.  But there was plenty.  We made it to Foxboro in plenty of time but to try to get to 5-Wits took almost as long as the entire distance to our house! Just as we ran into 5-Wits the Espionage adventure was beginning so they shuffled us right in.  We only missed maybe two minutes.  Phew!

I was a little nervous about the experience because my 9 year old daughter is pretty much afraid of everything.  The very first elevator ride had her curled up on the floor begging me to leave (quietly).  I assured her it would be fine and after a few tasks she was fully in the swing of the action and loved it.  Espionage was a bit physical – not anything major but it reminded me very much of Mission Impossible.  There were puzzles to solve and actions to take to move through each step of the adventure.  I did take a few photos in Espionage but since no one else was, I wasn’t sure I was allowed to.  But I do have a few images that will not reveal anything important to future guests.  20,000 Leagues was less physical, more mental and was really awesome!  I totally recommend heading to Foxboro and spending an afternoon at 5-Wits.  You could even make a day of it and hang out at Patriot’s Place (North Marketplace).  There are so many exciting things to do there and as we were finishing up, thousands of people were arriving for the soccer game.

Here are some shots from our adventurous day:





If you get a chance or live near either 5-Wits location – these are great adventures for persons of any age (7 and older is best).  We had a great time and totally plan to go back!

5 wits fun

See the water marks down the front of Sephora’s shirt?  Part of the 20,000 Leagues Adventure…

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