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Total Cell Phone Solutions With Virgin Mobile


I still marvel at how dependent we have become upon technology.  In this day and age it is in everyone’s best interest to have a cell phone – and that holds just as true for our children.  We have kids from 9 through 27 and when our oldest two were tweens I never in a million years would have considered giving them a cell phone.  Now – I find that I feel even my 9 year old needs one.  We did just get our 14 year old one.

But now they not only need one for communication… They need it for safety, navigation, and education.  Of course there is also the entertainment aspect of a cell phone but as far as I am concerned that is at the bottom of the list.  Besides there are so many other digital forms of entertainment.


But now, with Virgin Mobile – everyone in the family has a cell phone.  Even my in-laws who live with us.  They do not understand technology but they do definitely understand the need for cell phones and connectivity so they have them and use them.

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For those who may still ask the question – do they need phones?  In our case – yes.  The funny thing is our youngest two kids have special needs and I always thought I definitely would not need to deal with the cell phone issue for them.  But over the years the cell phones have become so sophisticated and such a part of people’s lives that yes they are necessary.


I do not have to worry about my kids when we are at the campground.  It is a huge campground, that is locked down so they are safe within the boundaries of the campground.  But sometimes I don’t know exactly where they are.  Not a problem – download a simple locator app and I can find them easily.  I can even sound an alarm that will ring on each of our phones and then they absolutely know I am looking for them.


And our 14 year old has just started walking to and from school.  Not a huge deal for a 14 year old but for one with special challenges – it can be huge.  It can also be a huge accomplishment but it is important that he have a cell phone for that short distance.   The only way we feel comfortable allowing him to gain some independence is with the technological advancements cell phones have.  And Virgin Mobile’s LG Pulse phone does that for us.  It gives us peace of mind.


I prefer having a no contract plan when it comes to the kids.  You never know what surprises life holds and I am not quite up to the commitment of a contract.  Virgin Mobile Custom has plan features that can meet everyone’s needs.  I am often tied up in the office so I text a great deal more than I talk and need to reach out to my kids by text.  They however, have a huge reliance on the streaming features.  My son is constantly searching YouTube for the latest/greatest “how to” video.  Their plan can be customized for Talk, Text and Data for each person.  I get totally stressed thinking about what my kids could do to a contract plan and how much that could potentially cost me.

Some custom features include:

The ability to customize talk, text and data right from your phone (my favorite feature)!

Unlimited talk and text options available

Single line or share across multiple lines

No contract

There are specialized unlimited access plans for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more

Choose from unlimited Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio and more

Great deals on Waze, Google Maps and Telenav

And you can choose from calling plans to Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republican and more




What I love about this phone is that I can keep my kids from using social media.  I open it up for them only when I can adequately supervise them.  They need to know what it is – because it is the world we live in.  But they also need the education and maturity along with that access.

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4 thoughts on “Total Cell Phone Solutions With Virgin Mobile #VirginMobileMom #MC #Sponsored

  1. Michele says:

    It is a fact that cell phones are a necessary evil in this day and age. I have a very simple one-so does my Mom. She actually uses hers more then I do mine! Although I have no children it is good to know that at least this phone company is acting responsibly when it comes to what kids can and can not utilize-they are leaving it up to the parents.

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