Kyocera 6 Piece Easy Slice Grate Set


Kyocera 6 Piece Easy Slice Grate Set

Kyocera’s handy six-piece set equips you with everything you need for a variety of slicing and grating tasks. The three color-coded tools are ideal for using over bowls, plates, or the container for quick jobs. They’re also designed to fit securely on top of the container lid, which doubles as a vessel for collecting and measuring food. Perfect for cabbage, carrots, cucumber, onions, potatoes, daikon, ginger, hard cheese and more.



Complete set of three tools with plastic container and hand guard. Includes: adjustable slicer (black), julienne slicer (red), and coarse grater (green)



Easy to use Adjustable Mandolin: turn dial on back for four different thickness settings.  The lid and bottom serves as a container for collecting and storing food and the handles provide a comfortable grip while grating or slicing.  The blades are durable ceramic blades that will never rust or brown foods.  It also includes a hand guard to hold the food securely and to protect fingers.




Foods glide effortlessly through the sharp, ceramic blade and the corner notches allow the slicer to fit on top of most bowls.


Set Contains:

  • • Adjustable Slicer, black
  • • Julienne Slicer, red
  • • Coarse Grater, green
  • • Two-piece Container, clear
  • • Handguard-Garnishing Tool, clear


This set is amazing.  I have had mandolins before and after one or two uses they seemed to rust or just not be sharp anymore.  This one I have used several times so far and there has been no deterioration in quality whatsoever.  The ceramic blade makes a huge difference – it lasts longer, stays sharper and works perfectly every time.  My favorite foods to slice are tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, and onions (red of course).  I can never use a knife and cut them this perfectly – and thankfully there is a guard because I do have a knack for nearly cutting my fingers off.  Been there, done that and have no desire to do it again.  But I have a strong desire to still have the perfectly sliced foods I like and quickly.  This specific mandolin is a necessary item in every kitchen.  I cannot live without it ever again!

Available at Kyocera Advanced Ceramics for $59.95 and well worth every penny.

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