Kameleonz – Sunglasses With Interchangeable Arms

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Kameleonz – Sunglasses With Interchangeable Arms


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Kameleonz glasses are totally awesome.  They created sunglasses that don’t cost any more than a standard pair of glasses you can purchase at your local retailer – not designer glasses.  Yet you feel like you have designer glasses when you wear them.  I have always struggled with not misplacing my glasses – prescription, readers or sunglasses.  I know you wouldn’t think it would be that hard to keep track of them but trust me – it is.  Therefore, I cannot spend huge amounts of money on glasses.  Of course even if I could I would not – I am far too thrifty for that.  There are so many better places to spend my money rather than spending it on  a pair of glasses that have one “look” and cost hundreds of dollars.

The Kameleonz glasses have a frame that you choose – then you can select various arms to change the look of your glasses whenever you want.  I chose the Lava Triple Set.


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See how the frame has these little clips?  The arms simply pop right on to those clips and that is my style of the moment.


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So I popped on some orange arms.  But when I get tired of the orange arm I can switch them out for maroon arms or black arms.


lava set


Or I can order some new arms in any of many colors and increase my variety!  Additional arm sets are just $4.99.

All_Side_Arms_1024x1024 These are truly the coolest sunglasses ever.  What a great idea!

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