Dreft Saves The Day With Stain Removal Products

Dreft Saves the Day with Stain Removal Products

Dreft Saves The Day With Stain Removal Products

Dreft has been around for more than 80 years and they definitely know what they are doing with laundry and fabric care for babies.



I have children from 9 to 27 and Dreft has always been a huge part of our lives.  For the first four children it was mainly used in their early childhood.  For our last child Dreft has been a continuous part of our lives.  She has extremely sensitive skin and traditional laundry products cannot be used on her items.  But then we have been left struggling with some of her “stains”.

She is extremely rough on her clothing.  If she isn’t climbing trees, riding a BMX trail, riding a scooter, digging trenches (for who knows what reason) and sliding in the grass – she is literally rolling in the mud because if it is good enough for the dogs – it is good enough for her.

Which leaves me trying to clean up the mess and make it all wearable again.



Dreft laundry stain remover now makes any laundry option possible.

The stain remover is available in a 22 ounce bottle and it is incredibly effective.  I have tried many stain removers and every one has caused her skin to be irritated but just as importantly not all of them can handle her stains and so far Dreft has been able to.  Failure on the part of other products has resulted in me actually sewing decorations on to her clothes to cover up the stains.  Otherwise, I would be throwing clothes out every other day.



And the best part is they even have a “to go” instant stain remover pen.  This is a true life saver.  Yeah, I wish stains could only happen when it is convenient and I am near a washing machine.  But the reality is – they are almost NEVER convenient.  I can carry this “to go” pen with me in my purse and it is easy to clean up spills and small stains.  I do not have a baby at the moment but my 9 year old has skin as sensitive as a baby’s and this is terrific for us.

On a side note – my readers know that I have been transitioning to homemade fabric mama cloths.  The 3 oz stain remover spray is perfect to carry with me and take care of my immediate cleaning needs when needed for the mama cloths – so no these products are definitely not just for babies.


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