What Holiday Traditions Do You Have?

What Holiday Traditions Do You Have?

We are Catholic and celebrate Advent and Christmas. However, my husband’s grandparents were Austrian Jews so there is Jewish culture in his distant background. We decided a long time ago that we would celebrate whatever we choose to – regardless of religion. Plus when we started adopting children we assumed we would need to be open to other cultural options.

In 2009 my daughter decided she wanted to be Jewish (age 4 at the time). Far be it from me to be a barrier – so we celebrate Hanukkah along with other holidays. I wish I knew more about Jewish celebrations – maybe someday. But in the meantime – at this time of year we are open to anything/everything and Hanukkah starts December 16th this year.

This is what we have used as for a Menorah for years. With my kids and dogs – real flames are not going to happen. As it is I use candles for the Advent Wreath and literally have to stand guard over it while it is lit.


And we make Advent Wreaths
But now we also have a new Menorah
menorah in full
As for a tree? We don’t ever get that until after Hanukkah – moving from one set of decorations and traditions to another. So at this time – still no tree. I assume we will get it next weekend but there have been years where we literally picked up a tree on Christmas Eve.
And this year’s cultural video?

How do you handle the holidays in your house? Do you follow one set of traditions or multiple?
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