Pet Barrier – Drive Safely With Your Pets in the Car

Pet Barrier

Pet Barrier – Drive Safely With Your Pets in the Car


We have an English Mastiff and a Newfoundland.  Our Newfie is a really good girl in the car.  She sits nice and tall in the back seat and acts like a queen.  Our English Mastiff however is all over the place.  Even when I sit someone in the back seat with her she wants to be in the drivers seat but it is really about needing to be touching me at all times.  The bigger they are the bigger babies they are.  And you should hear her cry… This persistent wailing when she wants to be on my lap.  And being the huge dog that she is, even sitting on the floor of the back seat she can still sit her head on my shoulder while I am driving.  That isn’t too big of a deal but she does try to muscle her way into the front seat sometimes.  But the thing is – she is easily deterred.  If I am in the kitchen – I don’t need a gate to keep her out.  I simply lay a towel across the floor and she will not cross over it. Logically this is a piece of cake – just step over it.  She doesn’t even need to step up.  But she won’t cross over that small boundary.


This Pet Barrier is perfect.  She can still see me but it is enough to block her path and she will not push through it.  I no longer have to worry about my dog climbing unexpectedly into the front seat while I am driving.  She has vet appointments monthly for Addisons Disease and now the trips are a whole lot less stressful.  It is a lightweight barrier but very effective.  It doesn’t require ay screws or bars – it is durable and easily pops up and can be installed and uninstalled quickly.  I can take it down in a matter of seconds and put it back up just as quickly.


28 Inches High and 23 Inches at it Widest and .25 Deep. Comes in Black ONLY.

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