Brownie Bowl Sundaes – Make Your Own Brownie Bowls

brownie bowl sundaes

Brownie Bowl Sundaes – Make Your Own Brownie Bowls


I have been wanting to make brownie bowls for some time.  You need two cupcake pans to do it though and you actually use the underside of a cupcake pan as part of the cooking.  Well none of my current pans had a suitable underside to actually use for cooking and I am pretty sure I would have had to put a ton of elbow grease into cleaning their bottoms.  So today I broke down and bought a set of two pans – specifically for the purpose of making brownie or cookie dough molds.

There is nothing special about the pans – they are simply muffin tins – just two exactly the same size.

Make your brownie batter however you normally would – from scratch or box mix.  Doesn’t matter.  I chose to do a box mix this time.  No recipe to share for that today.

Spray and fill your first muffin tin.  Fill the cups a little less than half way.


Spray the underside of your second tin.


Place that second tin on top of the first tin that has batter in it and push down a little so the batter runs up around the cups of the upper tin.


So then I got this brainiac idea which did not work – I am telling you though in case you get the same idea.  Save yourself some time… Don’t do it.  I figured since the tin on top had empty cups – fill those with batter too.  Well they don’t get enough heat through the other tin and the batter to actually cook.  So keep that upper tin empty.

This is how they come out!



Serve warm or cooled with anything you like inside.  Naturally we went straight for the ice cream!



Someone is extremely full!


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