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 professional grade non stick silicone baking liner and pair of silicone baking and cooking gloves


Recently I was lucky enough to receive a set including a Silicone Baking Liner and Silicone Gloves from ezBAKERz provided by LBJ Personal Solutions.  I have always wanted a silicone baking mat but thought it wasn’t really necessary if I had a roll of aluminum foil in the house.  Boy, was I missing out.  The baking mat made such a difference in the consistent temperature of the cookies I was making.  I didn’t have hot spots that would cause some cookies to burn while others were barely cooked.  And this one was easy to clean with some dish soap and a sponge.

making shortbread cookies

 Now something that I have tried in the past is silicone gloves or mitts to replace my fabric potholders.  I think they’re a great thing to keep around but my husband seems to have an issue with every pair we try.  I kind of figured this pair would be no different.  For once, I was happy to be wrong.  Usually silicone mitts are too small for his hands or too big for mine.  Somehow, these fit great for both of us.  I’m wondering if it is due to the quilted padding inside the gloves.  It made it soft and gave you another layer of insulation from the heat.

One of the best features of the silicone mitts may seem small to many, but it has great benefit in our house.  We don’t have much room in drawers for silicone baking gloves or mitts that tend to be big and hard to “smoosh” into small places.  These mitts can be hung on the side of your cabinet or stove giving you easy access and not taking up valuable space in a drawer.

 Even better than the product is the service that you get from LBJ Personal Solutions.  This is the second time I have received product from them to review and I am thrilled at extras they provide.  Once the product had been shipped I received not one, but two, emails with links to ebooks containing recipes that you can use with the baking mat.

homemade shortbread cookies recipe courtesy of LBJ Personal Solutions

 If you want great products and amazing service, check out LBJ Personal Solutions.  Twice they have surpassed my service expectations.  Who would think that you would get recipes with a baking mat?!?!  Make sure to check out their other products on their website.

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