What Can You Do with An Old Pair of Sweatpants and A Bunch Of Stuffed Animals?…

What can you do with an old pair of sweatpants and a bunch of stuffed animals

What Can You Do with An Old Pair of Sweatpants and A Bunch Of Stuffed Animals?…

I am working on redo-ing my son’s bedroom.  He has asked for a space to take photos and just an easier room to manage.  Over the years we have gotten rid of many many stuffed animals – they seem to multiply faster than rabbits…  But there are still some stuffed animals that each child consider special.  The problem is how to store them and keep them from being under the bed, behind the bed and everywhere else.

While cleaning out his room, I am also getting rid of clothing that no longer fits.  I found this pair of sweatpants.  Clearly they have seen better days.  The waistband is full of lint, the color is faded and they are too small.


I seriously hate throwing stuff out – which is why it took me forever to declutter my craft room!  Here is what I decided I needed to do.  I cut the legs off the sweatpants and threw the top out.

sweatpant legs

Then I put one leg inside the other with right sides facing and sewed them together.  I did a straight stitch first then a second round with zig zag.  There will be some pressure on this seam so I am hoping this is enough to hold up to what I need it to do.  Flip one of the legs back out and voila – the sweatpant legs become a tube with elasticized ends.


Sweatpants become a body pillow

And here are all his stuffed animals – with no place to go…


all the stuffed animals will fit

By the way that fabric on the wall will be is backdrop for his photos…  Now do you see where this is going?  All those stuffed animals need a place to “live”.  All I need to do is stuff them into this sweatpant tube and now he has a body pillow.  He can remove the stuffed animals whenever he wishes.  The sweatpant fabric is very stretchy – it easily allows all of the stuffed animals except the two he wishes to keep out for snuggling purposes.


Sweatpants as a body pillow

Everything is in a place now.

6 thoughts on “What Can You Do with An Old Pair of Sweatpants and A Bunch Of Stuffed Animals?…

  1. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is an awesome idea indeed and I have to make a couple out of my boys old stuffed animals. I have kept them from when they were little. Thanks for sharing.

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