Mind Boost Day (Amplify Your Brain) and Night (Rest, Repair, Recover)

Mind Boost Day and Night

Mind Boost Day (Amplify Your Brain) and Night (Rest, Repair, Recover)

Mind Boost

MindBoost was created specifically to improve your memory, focus, and attention, but to also improve brain performance overall.  Every system in your body – from your nervous system to your digestive to your immunity system is controlled by your brain. Your overall health is controlled by your brain. This includes your emotional state as well.  And when your brain is healthy and performing your overall health is improved.

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Simple Smart Science’s research team has put together a formula for complete brain health including bacopa monnieri, ginko biloba, rhodiola rosea, picamilon, and other clinically proven ingredients to improve your overall brain health.  MindBoost Day & Night is the only complete 24 hour cycle brain health supplement available today.

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So here is the thing – I am pretty sure if I grew up with the youth of today, rather than 40 years ago, I would be labeled ADHD.  My mind is always on a million things.  I have lists everywhere!  Spaces I occupy are generally in a state of chaos until I freak out and start throwing everything out because I just don’t want to look at it anymore.  At the same time I feel like I am always exhausted but can never rest.  Yup – sounds like ADHD to me.  Now I could probably even as an adult get something prescribed to help with these issues but to be quite honest they sometimes come in handy.  I can often get more things done because I don’t sleep much.  But we all know it is not healthy and I need to start taking care of me.  I decided to check out the Mind Boost products.  Gosh I feel like I could be their poster child… My focus is definitely improving and I am more alert and less exhausted.  All week long I have gotten so much done – some things that I never thought I would get done.

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Which brings us to night time.  It is all fine and dandy to have energy during the day and be mentally alert but often with other products that means I may as well not count on sleeping.  But Mind Boost has the solution to that with their Night formula.  It promotes relaxation and supports a calm mind.  Between that and me listening to my relaxation audiobooks – I am asleep within 15 minutes without fail.  And sleeping pretty solidly through til the morning rather than waking up at 3am and twiddling my thumbs for two hours…

So if you have any struggles similar to mine – then Mind Boost may just be your savior.

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