Texting Gloves for Smartphones by iGotTech

Texting Gloves for Smartphone

Check out these Texting Gloves for Smartphones by iGotTech.  I have been provided a pair of these by iGotTech in exchange for an honest opinion and they came in just in the nick of time.  The cold weather came in fast and furious.  I was rather enjoying our 60 degree winter days in New England.  But it all came to an end and we have been having 0-25 degree days.  For the first time in years I have finally succumbed to wearing a winter coat.  Naturally that meant I also need to wear gloves.  I haven’t made the step to hats just yet but have worn a scarf here or there.


These gloves are quite comfortable and fit perfectly.  I do have my 9 year old daughter modeling them for you – so yes they look a little big but on an adult they fit great.


Of course she wants to keep them but how often does a 9 year old text while wearing gloves?  Not much I assure you.  The Touch-Nology feature allows me to text between shoveling, answer a phone while the kids and I are walking through the neighborhood.  I have never owned a pair of any type of touchscreen gloves so I have nothing to compare them to but they do exactly what I expected them to and they also keep my hands comfortable and warm.  My husband and 14 year old also want a pair now…

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