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Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Cake

On this dreary, snowy, rainy Saturday in January we whipped up some excitement by making a Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Cake.

My kids love Rice Krispie squares but I don’t particularly care for purchasing them.  First of all they are so expensive when they are prepackaged and so not expensive when we take the time to make them ourselves.  Second – who needs all those extra preservatives?

I am not a big fan of making a Rice Krispie square even sweeter by adding frosting to it but this is a fun project and the kids certainly love the extra sweetness.

To make this you need a Mickey Mouse Cake Pan (13 inch).

I sprayed the pan with Pam so I could easily remove the Rice Krispie mixture (your basic recipe right off the Rice Krispie box) after it cools.

Press the Rice Krispie mixture firmly and flat into the pan – let it cool, pop out onto your surface – I have a plastic pad for mine.

Naked Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Cake

Make your buttercream frosting according to the instructions on the back of the Mickey Mouse sheet.  I can tell you I didn’t even have to do the face and I had to make twice what they said I needed.  When I make it as an actual cake I will have to make a triple batch.

Trace out the areas you need to then fill in with the appropriate tips.  I traced with a straight tip but I used a triple star for filling in.

filling in mickey mouse

And just keep on going until you are done!

Mickey Mouse and Seph


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