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Mickey/Minnie Mouse Custom Travel Mugs (Dollar Tree Mugs)

Mickey Minnie Mouse Travel Mugs

Mickey/Minnie Mouse Custom Travel Mugs (Dollar Tree Mugs) are incredibly easy to make and just $1 each as long as you have the ability to print color scrapbook sheets.

Custom travel mugs

These simple hot/cold travel mugs come with coloring sheets inside to decorate. The interior tumbler unscrews so the color sheet can be placed within its walls. I replaced the coloring sheet with printable Mickey/Minnie Mouse scrapbook paper (which you can find HERE).

Mickey Minnie Mouse travel mugs hot or cold

Don’t throw out the coloring sheet that comes with it – use it as a template to cut just the right size/shape for the wall of the tumbler.  The template will exceed the size of the printed image by a tiny amount but unless you point it out – no one should notice.

The tumblers do indicate they are perfect for both hot and cold but personally I will be using them during my daughter’s birthday party so no child spills all over the place.  At least that’s the plan – though I know a spill or two will still find a way to happen.


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