YouAreWhatYouLike – Your Facebook Likes Determine Your Personality


The personality profile created by YouAreWhatYouLike is estimated by Cambridge University, a trustworthy scientific, world wide known institution. Many people try the app just out of curiosity or for fun. This app provides a free, easy to use, scientific personality test.

You can also get your friends involved too! YouAreWhatYouLike also estimates your Facebook friends’ personality profile and helps you to discover your personality twins and opposites. You can even share results on their wall and have even more fun with it.

This app is all about having fun, being curious and open to learning more about yourself! It’s amazing how Facebook likes can be informative of our behavior and even our personality, it could be a little scary, but nowadays it’s a very discussed topic on the web! You can leverage it to engage your audience.

This app is so much fun.  You get results that define your personality as well as those friends of yours that have similar traits and those that are opposite.

YouAreWhatYouLike 1

You simply begin by clicking the large red button – it will load then bring you to a page that calculates your results. Here are my results and they are pretty accurate.  I accidentally cut too much off the top but it is Conservative and Traditional or Liberal and Artistic – I am 81%/19%.

YouAreWhatYouLike Summary

Other categories include:

Well Organized/Spontaneous and Flexible (58%/42%)

Shy and Reserved/Outgoing and Active (83%/17%)

Warm, Trusting and Cooperative/Assertive and Competitive (58%/42%)

Calm and Relaxed/Emotional and Stressed (55%/45%)

Each category allows you to drop down a set of three friends who have the traits on the left and three who have the traits on the right.  You can display them or hide them.

Believe it or not I would say these assessments are pretty “spot on”.  Very interesting.  And what’s even more – at the bottom of the assessment it lists five friends that are personality twins and five that are personality opposites.  If you click once on each profile photo you get a drop down that displays their personality profiles!  Very interesting – I do wonder if everyone feels the results they get are in line with how they view their own personality.

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