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Extra Large Polargel Cool Pillow Mat

Polargel Cool Pillow Mat

Extra Large Polargel Cool Pillow Mat – for a perfect night’s sleep

This cooling pillow mat is 12×22 – perfect to cover the top of your pillow allowing a much more restful sleep.  You can place it on top of your pillow or in your pillow case – I use it in my pillow case.  It folds up easily, making it incredibly portable.  The cooling effects of the gel help regulate body temperature, promoting a deeper more restful sleep. The edges are finished with durable seams to prevent unsightly fraying seen in similar cooling pillows. The pillow’s temperature is lower than room temperature, but for an even cooler feeling, just place in the fridge for 1 – 2 hours before use.


Right now – Your purchase includes a free cooling scarf/bandana and sleep aid eBook. The scarf/bandana ($9.95 value) uses cutting edge crystal polymers that cool and expand when water is added, ideal for keeping cool when you’re on the go. The sleep aid eBook ($8.95 value) comes as a downloadable pdf and mp3 audiobook. It covers everything from diet, lifestyle and environmental changes to relaxation techniques that help promote a better sleeping experience. It also comes in audio format.


So here is the thing – I can just about never be too warm.  Even in the summer I sleep with my really heavy, warm comforter.  I love the weight of it as well as the heat it provides.  However, my head needs to be cooler.  Basically my feet need to be toasty but my head needs to be cooler.  This cooling mat is the perfect solution.  I place it within my pillow case, it contours to me and cools my head so I can get a perfect night’s sleep.  I don’t need it to be cold – just cool – so I do not place it in the fridge or freezer.  It cools even without being refrigerated.  I may have to bring it camping with me so on those really hot summer days, I can sit on it!  The accompanying bandana will also be helpful for sure in the summer – though I have no doubt my kids will want to wear it as soon as I take it out.   Oh – and I love the feature that it doesn’t require the addition of water!  Just use it as is!

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