Shouting From The Rooftops – I Finally Am Starting With Advocare!


A good friend of mine, Nicole Smith from FrugalMaine, recently starting the 24 Day Challenge with Advocare and she is doing great.  Being the supportive friend that I am…I felt the desire (very strongly) to also sign up for Advocare and begin my own 24 Day Challenge.  Of course, at the time I didn’t know anything about it – but wanted it.  That in itself tells you alot about my personality…


And now that I know so much more than the nothing before – I can’t wait to start.  I will be sharing my journey with you all – from start to forever!  It is a journey that I hope to be on for a lifetime and I hope eventually my children will follow my lead and learn all they can.


So why did I choose Advocare… I keep getting asked that question and there are so many different answers so I will try to prioritize them.


1.     It is time to do something for me.  I work full time or more than full time in my career; I blog pretty much full time for “fun” – but it is a huge job; I raise special needs children and try to meet everyone’s needs to the best of my ability.  I love the path my life has taken and every day brings something new and exciting.  However, I often lose sight of me, my health, my fitness, and who I am as a person.  I joined Advocare for me with a goal to get healthy (ier), lose some weight that I have gained through many stressful periods over the last two years and maintain it for life.  Ultimately, even though I am doing it for me – it clearly will help my family.


2.     I want to help educate others on the importance of health and wellness and they can also achieve their goals.  I expect to do so by leading through example and being an inspiration to others.  But to also be the best role model I can be for my children.


3.     Financial stability and potentially freedom to better meet the needs of my children and family as well as their enabling them to grow more as individuals and productive members of society and teaching them to become financially independent.


There you have it – my lofty goals.  This weekend I will have my photographer (my 10 year old daughter – and today is her 10th birthday by the way) take “before” photos of me.  I plan to do those photos at the beginning and end of each 24 Day Challenge and share them with you all – you know, keeping me honest and on task…


I hope to get my 24 Day Challenge package next week.


If anyone would like to take this Advocare journey with me – just reach out to me at thestuffofsuccess at gmail dot com and I will help you get started. 


We can achieve great things as a community together!



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