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FujiKam Wireless Security Camera Offers Peace of Mind

FujiKam Wireless Security Camera

The FujiKam Wireless Security Camera Offers Peace of Mind!


This little device is amazing.  Do you know how many times I have felt stress about my dogs at home while I am at work?  My kids playing in another room where I can’t quite see them?  My in-laws sick at home while I am at work and can’t be there for them?  And sadly – how many times I have just plain old been nervous about leaving the house for fear of someone breaking in – and I do have a specific, logical basis for that fear.

FujiKam Display

Well now with the FujiKam Wireless Security Camera I can easily keep an eye on any or all of those things.  With special needs children and elderly inlaws in our home – there is always something to keep an eye on.  It allows me to do what I need to do while also keeping an eye on things in case I need to assist.

FujiKam Head

The FujiKam is an excellent camera at a great price.  It has the finest 1280 x 720 HD quality Images with 100% clarity as well as real-time video streaming via a Smartphone, tablet or PC from any place.  It is  capable of recording video to a micro chip/ SD card, supports digital 2 way voice, night vision and QR code login.  It is also extremely easy to mount and comes with a comprehensive user manual.




I cannot adequately describe how much this has helped in our house.  Have you ever raised special needs children?  They can get into something in a flash!  Even doing dishes can be a monumental task because I have my back turned.  A shower?  Yeah those are fun…  And when we aren’t home I can say hello to my dogs!  I know that sounds crazy right – but we work long days and we love them and they love us.  My inlaws exercise them during the day and give them some attention but still – it does my heart good to see them during the day.  Mostly though – I use this for my children.  It has offered them some independence and me the ability to catch up on things I need to do.


And lastly, when this opportunity came along my 14 year old son (on the spectrum) kept insisting he needed a security camera for the house.  He loves setting it up and keeping an eye on the “perimeter”.  It allows him the ability to feel very needed and feel like he is performing a great service to everyone in the house.


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  • Deb E

    I’ve wanted to get a security camera but want it to blend in with the environment. This one may not but I’m sure you could hide it.

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